Filmmaker. Developer. Musician.

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Vermin Womb (2016)

Vermin Womb (Denver, CO) performing at the Chanti-loft in Ithaca, NY.

Izzy True (2016)

Izzy True (Ithaca, NY) performing at Sacred Root in Ithaca, NY.

Underground River (2016)

Underground River (Ithaca, NY) performing at Sacred Root in Ithaca, NY.

BRIAN! (2015)

BRIAN! (Ithaca, NY) performing at Just Be Cause in Ithaca, NY.

Priests (2015)

Priests (Washington, DC) performing at the Community School of Music and Arts in Ithaca, NY.

Camden (2017)

Experimental documentary short based in Camden, ME.

password: CamdenME

Life Underground (2016)

Documentary short showcasing Ithaca Underground, a not-for-profit music organization based in Ithaca, NY.

password: ithacaunderground

A Midnight Snack (2016)

Comedy/horror short about an unfortunate werewolf. Winner of the 2016 Fantastik 48 Hour Film Challenge.

password: werewolf

Live at Across the Street Studios (2016)

In-studio performance by Bridge Under Fire (Syracuse, NY).

Participation Trophy

Sort of Folk, sort of Punk, and sort of okay with it. Participation Trophy is the solo-project and brain-child of James Manton. Short, honest music designed to be perfomed alone or with a full lineup.

Sleepless Demons | Waking Nights, released in March of 2017, is a collection of songs recorded and mixed by Manton in his childhood bedroom in Syracuse, NY.

Shore Acres Drive

"Over the course of his undergraduate years, guitarist Charlie Fraioli’s solo folk punk project evolved into something much bigger when Jake Burchard and James Manton got involved on drums and bass, respectively. The folk punk days are far beyond the boys now, with the band describing their new artistic direction as 'post-rock played by emo kids who occasionally listen to black metal.'” - Dylan Farrell, Noisey

Cabin, released in February of 2016, covers topics from social anxiety and failing relationships to the unforgiving winters of Upstate New York. The album was written and recorded by the band at a cabin in the Catskill mountains.